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Chriar Congressos e Eventos

Planning, Organization of Congresses, Technical, Scientific and Corporate Events

Thirty years running successful events!


Christine Aguiar
Christine Aguiar
Executive director

She holds a degree in Hotel Administration from Universidade Estácio de Sá/RJ, with specialization in Hotel Marketing, Food and Beverage Management (Centre Internacionale de Glion) and Event Management from Faculdade de Tecnologia Empresarial (UnB) Specialist in planning and organization with a focus on scientific conferences and corporate events (since 1982). Also has undertaken training in online events management including creating multi-location based conferences and corporate events.
She also has worked in hotels in Brazil such as Copacabana Palace, Le Meridien Bahia, Bahia Othon, and in several event organization companies. She lived in London (UK) where studied Event Management at the Event Management School of London, as well as Business English at South Thames College. She is able to converse with easy in English and Spanish.
In 2005, the project, coordinated by her, was awarded the CAIO Award for Best Congress of the Year.


Experienced professionals

Promoting the growth and improvement of processes and guaranteeing our projects the satisfaction of a project designed by passionate professionals and talents for planning, managing, enchanting, improving, producing and thrilling with a delivery that exceeds expectations that perpetuate new projects.


Congresses and Events on-site or on-line designed as you imagined

Make feasible the ideas and expectations conveyed by our clients' briefings, simplifying them by building the best strategic solutions for the most diverse concepts and relevant particularities of the projects, delivering customized alternatives in order to preserve the initial expectation that aims not to directly impact the planned budget..

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Thirty years running successful events!

Chriar exists to make possible the ideas expected by our customers



Over three decades experience

We generate value for your event, making it a satisfying and memorable experience for both protagonists - customers and participants.


Identify the main needs in the projects to make easier the process of planning and execution highly focused on what our client expects. Provide a Technical sheet with Events concepts and further details.
In collaboration with the client, quickly identify the requirements of a project, discuss, review and establish the most efficient processes and cost-effective implementation of their requirements. Regular technical, briefing and concepts notes are available as part of the service charges.


We strive for excellence and client satisfaction before, during and after an event. When it is feasible, we well adapt and change whatever is necessary to ensure our high standards are maintained.
It is essential to understand what we can do better next time and appreciate the feedback obtained during the post event debriefing held with our clients, staff and vendors.


The Timeline Sheet will contain the specific tasks to be carried out with the necessary control information e.g. task owner, deadline to be completed etc.
This method of documenting every aspect of the Event or Congress is an efficient and effective way to delegate task to other people and manage their results. From experience, this way of managing tasks can be implemented when coordinating a large number of people or/and for multi locations based staff.


On site visits to the venues selected for the Event or Congress is to identify the suitability in accordance to the clients specific requirements.


With established vendor relationships we are able to offer value for money in various areas of a budget and well as reviewing the viability of Sponsorship. It is essential that the client’s bespoke requirements are realistic and within their budget available. It will be necessary to ensure that approved budget controls are in place from the very beginning of an Event or Congress.


On completion of every task as details on the Timeline Sheet, a review will be held by a member of the Management Team. This will ensure all budget controls are maintained and make any necessary adjustments to tasks etc.

Check list

A summary document that gives a summary of: All tasks/items from the beginning to the end of the event or congress, action items, related deadlines, status of tasks/items/ actions status, identify risks/risk assessments/challenges and solutions to identified risks/challenges


Providing bespoke services to our clients in every phase of their projects overseen by the highly experienced and qualified Executive Director/Owner, Ms Christine Aguiar.